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The Crypto Show: Bitcoin Bounty Hunter, Dollar Vigilante, and Factoid Man

Published on October 8th, 2015 by TheCryptoShow

We team up to tackle censorship, data layers, the Shemitah, and a range of topics with Jeff Berwick, Roger Ver, and Paul Snow.

With Jeff, we get into the Shemitah, the Oregon shooter, and Anarchapulco 2016 (scheduled for February 16 to 21).

Roger discusses the launch of the new Bitcoin.com forums, an alternative to r/bitcoin censorship. He fills us in on how you can win $1000 or 4 BTC for the most popular post on the forum. Also, anyone can submit a story to Bitcoin.com. If they use the story, you get paid. It's a truly open-sourced website.

Paul, being an Austinite, joins us in studio to join in the conversation and announce the launch of Factoids on the Poliniex exchange.


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