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Bitcoin Audible - Discovering Bitcoin #2 - About People [Giacomo Zucco]

Published on August 6th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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"It clearly involves moral, political and ethical aspects, like the importance of privacy as a human right. I will use the term “darkness” to address this attribute." - Giacomo Zucco

Continuing the series from Giacomo and Bitcoin Magazine on Discovering Bitcoin: From Cavemen to the Lightning Network. An excellent series with Part 2 working into the concept of specialization and finding those goods that can securely hold value and enable exchange at a new level. If you are new to Bitcoin, this series is a great place to start!

Part 1: https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/Read_422---Discovering-Bitcoin---From-Cavemen-to-Lightning--Part-1-Giacomo-Zucco-ehdkrb I, Pencil - by Leonard Reed https://anchor.fm/thecryptoconomy/episodes/CryptoQuikRead_123---I--Pencil-Leonard-E--Read-e2ndqm Don't forget to start your savings plan with SwanBitcoin.com/guy!

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