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Bitcoin Audible - Bitcoin is Venice [Allen Farrington]

Published on February 24th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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"Does anybody really believe that, having fully understood the choice they face, any individual would choose to save in a self-referentially mispriced toxic loan rather than a provably sound digital bearer asset? Or, more simply still, that they will think it makes less sense to hold money that is a pure asset than money that is literally defined as a liability? Why not opt into a financial system that is built on trustless verifiability rather than unverifiable trust?" - Allen Farrington

Today's amazing read simply needs to be listened to. Bitcoin is Venice, a continuation of the Wittgenstein's Money series from Allen F. Don't forget to follow Allen on Twitter & Medium.

Check out the original article below to drop applause and check out Allen's other amazing work: https://allenfarrington.medium.com/bitcoin-is-venice-8414dda42070

Audio for his other recent piece, Wittgenstein's Money (And other article mentioned in the show) can be found below: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?p=5659 Follow up to Wittgenstein's Money - Guy's Take #40: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?p=5661 Bitcoin is Worse is Better: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?p=3491 Walking Tall - Guy's Take #36: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?p=4933 Hayek's Use of Knowledge in Society: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?p=2902

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