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Bitcoin Around the World - Colombia: Bitcoin, Regulation and Ties to Venezuela with Mauricio Tovar Gutierrez & Alejandro Beltran Torrado - WBD193

Published on February 19th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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Location: Bogota, Colombia

Date: Tuesday, 11th February

Project: InTiColombia & Buda

Role: Co-Director & Country Manager Colombia

The use case for Bitcoin can vary from country to country. How people use Bitcoin in New York will differ from on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. Where speculators may have access to the best hardware wallets and sophisticated security, those in the developing world may have to share a phone and have limited data connectivity.

As part of my series covering Bitcoin Around the World, I am going to visit the far reaches of our planet, to look at how different communities are using Bitcoin and the challenges they face.

In this interview, I speak to Mauricio Tovar Gutierrez & Alejandro Beltran Torrado, part of the Bitcoin community in Bogota, Colombia. We discuss the politics and economics of Colombia, Bitcoin regulation and their close ties with Venezuela.

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