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Bitcoin and Reading: Combining the Best of Two Worlds

Published on March 15th, 2016 by ahmadmanga

I'm Ahmad Al-Hemmally, known on the Internet as @ahmadmanga. Bitcoiner and hobbyist game developer. I always look for ways to earn bitcoin, and since I became temporarily unable to use ChangeTip, I started playing with bitcoin faucets.


bitcoin faucets

These websites claim to give "free bitcoin," but what they actually do is share their ad revenue with users. It isn't worth it for the user most of time. Faucets might be good for beginners to test bitcoin transitions, but it depends on your perspective.

The best faucets are the ones where giving out "free bitcoin" is a secondary selling point. They don't ask you to simply click and solve captchas. They give you bits for doing things you enjoy . . . like playing games . . . or reading books.

Get Bitcoins While Reading Books

bitcoin while reading books

One of the sites I stumbled upon is Paid Books (contains referral link), a faucet that gives you bitcoin for reading books. They have many classic books, including The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and my favorite, Johana Spyri's Heidi. They even have the Bitcoin white paper.

The site pays you every 10 minutes while you read. The payment rate changes depending on the day, but I get an average of about 200 satoshis per page turn. It's not much, but if you love reading books, I highly recommend this site.

There's also a referral system. When you refer others, you get 25% of their rewards, so the more reader friends you have, the better experience for all of you.

A Site with Great Potential

bitcoin while reading books

Though the site is good, I can't praise it enough (for a faucet at least). It hasn't reached half of its potential yet. Many things could be improved. I'm sure the developers are working on that.

Let's begin with the navigation. The books are divided into well-described categories, but that's not enough. There's no search button. If you lose the link to a book, it may be hard to find it again.

And while there's a good number of books, most of them are classic, and they don't cover most topics. Currently there aren't any computer-related books (the type of books I read most). There are no picture books (at least from what I've seen). And why not add a few books about Bitcoin?

Adding more variety will increase the user base and encourage people to return to read more. I'd like to see a category of books written exclusively for Paid Books. It might be hard to find writers, but the search would be worth it.

Finally, Paid Books should have a reviews section for every book, and a message board or forum too. Book readers love to interact with each other, and it would surely add to the on-site experience.

What Do You Think?

As Bitcoin becomes more mainstream and the number of bitcoin faucets rises, the need for creative and fun ideas is essential in order for faucets to keep up, especially with the recent rise in transition fees, which mean the minimum payouts need to rise higher and higher.

I think receiving bitcoin for reading books is an interesting idea. What about you? Are there any creative faucets or websites that have caught your attention?

I'll wait to see your opinions in comments.

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