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Bitcoin & Co. - Afriblocks, Lightning Network, COVID-19 & Answering Questions – Bitcoin in Africa

Published on April 16th, 2020 by BTCMedia

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In this episode you will get to know a young man from Zimbabwe, Tongayi Choto, who is a software developer, entrepreneur and a bitcoin maximalist. He has founded Afriblocks, a Global Pan-African Freelance platform that connects professionals across the world. We talk about the problems young Zimbabweans are facing and his approach to make lives better. In the second part of this episode, I will answer listeners questions about the current use of bitcoin and other methods of payment in Zimbabwe. If you have a question, feel free to press the appropriate button on the episode page and record your question.

We talk about:

Africa: high potential, but not enough opportunities

Pan-African Freelance network

Payments in cryptocurrencies

The use of smart contracts for releasing funds

Scams like MMM, Onecoin, bitclub

The Volatility of bitcoin being a huge problem for poor people

The impact of the Lightning Network in Africa

Internet bundles

After the interview I answer these questions from my listeners:

What is preventing widespread usage of bitcoin? Tech? Awareness? Laws? Working, cheap alternatives (Ecocash)? Fees?

Are there bitcoin OGs in the community and if so are they still actively supporting the newcomers?

Not sure if M-Pesa is available in Zimbabwe/Botswana. But if so, why would anybody use Bitcoin instead of already available digital payment solutions such as M-Pesa?

Did you hear anything about http://beforward.jp and Bitcoin?

I am interested how well people understand, if their own governments money is good money for them (in terms of purchasing power, inflation etc). What share of people in your impression are asking themselves this question in these countries?

Are Zimbabweans living overseas using bitcoin for remittances? If so, how does this channel work? How do bitcoin remittances compare to alternatives like Western Union?

Audio recorder and full transcript on the episode page

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