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Beyond Bitcoin - 22 - BitAssets and the Austrians

Published on December 4th, 2014 by Legendface66

Austrian economics is one of these impenetrable black boxes that you hear referenced occasionally but that has little meaning for many people. Recently I was perusing Cameron Harwick's blog, Thrica where I periodically go to soak up some free market goodness, and I found myself re-reading a post entitled Hayek vs. Rothbard on Free-Market Money. The article and the comments illucidate many interesting and relevant ideas that can not only help us understand cryptocurrency but also show that the problem of discovering what is a good kind of money has been mulled over by brilliant people long before the cypherpunks sank their teeth into it. A clearly novel approach has been taken by the team working on Bitshares. I asked Dan Larimer to explane the roots of his idea and update us on the progress of the platform.

Bitshares.org bitsharestalk.org wiki.bitshares.org thri.ca/blog/hayek-vs-rothbard-on-money

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