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The Anita Posch Show - Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Mining and Censorship

Published on February 19th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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My guest is Jameson Lopp, he calls himself a professional cypherpunk. His mission is to use his skills as a technologist to build tools that empower individuals. Our topic is nicely called "clean" mining or to say it in a more distinct way: censored mining. Is this an attack on Bitcoin and what are the possible strategies and outcomes? Jameson is the Co-founder & CTO of Casa a company dedicated to helping you to secure your bitcoin. It's the second time that Jameson is my guest, listen to our previous interview here.


    Government friendly mining or an attack on Bitcoin?
    Geo-political aspects, US hegemony
    Bitcoin mining explainer and definition of miners
    Tools used: KYC-ing miners and censoring transactions
    Possible outcomes? Worst case scenario
    Counteracting: Game theory, economics, technical aspects

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