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The Anita Posch Show - Rarescrilla: Bitcoin Enables New Art Forms

Published on May 27th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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Rarescrilla is a hip-hop musician and producer, who joined the cryptomusic journey in 2014 and created DJ PEPE in 2016 with a first of its kind access token based on the Counterparty platform, which is extending Bitcoin's functionality. In 2020 he dropped the "Sound Money" album, a niche hip hop themed bitcoin album. Now he is into programmable music, where the owners of music layers control the output, which makes it living art and music.

    Rarescrilla's Bitcoin journey
    First NFTs in 2014? Early days and now?
    Impact of current NFT "craze" on the art and music space
    Path to adoption
    Why Rarescrilla is focusing on Bitcoin
    Future of NFTs on Bitcoin
    Sound Money album and upcoming projects

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