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Amir Taaki: Using Technology to Reconstruct the Social Moral Fabric

Published on February 1st, 2019 by Legendface66



Amir Taaki Developed the first alternative bitcoin implementation First UK Bitcoin exchange Worked on Dark Wallet & Dark Market projects leading to open bazaar Join the YPG in Syria Is now Based in Barcelona

Is there a central problem that drives your actions? The main issue in society today is a social problem not an economic one. There is a fundamental lack of meaning in life We are participants in a giant machine

Isn’t this the price we pay for specialization, the tool that has enabled human civilization to prosper? Yes, there is a system of subdivision of human labor into specializations. At the same time we have a sense of nihilism, apathy & selfishness. An aspect of society has been lost We have reduced everything to what can be measured We need to bring back something ancient within ourselves

So you are saying that we have lost part of our humanity to our means of production . . . Yes, some would argue that the ability to meaningfully change your environment is lower that ever We generally lack autonomy Freedom from responsibility is the absence of true freedom Today we over value growth In the past people used to read Dostoyevsky for enjoyment. Today the most popular fiction is about a boy on a broomstick There is no sense of applying ourselves to a work that extends beyond our lifetimes

How do we remedy the situation? Can you suggest a grand goal? We have to think about what is the purpose of society To birth a higher type of human being There used to be an ideal of the renaissance man, a well rounded capable person We need to change our view of humans from being an incentivised cog in the machine

How does the movement that has rallied around blockchain compare to this? Technology is a power of shaping the world around us It is up to us to employ technology for sociological change We need to take this technology to arm people to realise a new societal paradigm

Your description has violent themes in opposition to the culture here (the Devcon 4 conference) which seems to be focussed on building rather than fighting. Behind the rhetoric there is a world that is seeing a rise of right wing dictator like figures and religious fundamentalism. There is also a large amount of human suffering This technology will not be a technology of liberation for the west Just like happened with Marx, where people took his ideas from the west and used them to reshape their societies, we will see these technologies applied to developing nations. People led through desperation to make active use of these technologies

What technologies do you mean specifically? Technologies for social organization Making decisions Sharing information Collaborating on projects Financial and economic activity Culture and education

These are not technologies, they are areas where technology might have an impact. They are the main areas of human society Politics Law Self defence Culture Economy We need to find a way to tough these areas with technology

These are realms of human coordination. Why is technology now being applied to these problems? A lot of cryptography was developed in the 8-0s and 90s but did not make their way into public consciousness Bitcoin managed to being them to libertarians and open software developers It was a form of uncontrollable peer to peer money This got people thinking about bigger implications This brought people to deeper technologies and looked for way to recombine fields of research that had never been applied to the real world The real value is less in blockchain, it is the large volume of young people who want to change the world The most important objective is to have a vision of where we want to go and to use these pieces to get there

So where do we want to go? The most important problem is increasing public participation Reconstructing the moral fabric of society.

How can a technology reconstruct a moral fabric? Technology by itself cannot change people’s mentality It can be a powerful tool to enable movements that want to change things The Kurdish people want to create a new societal paradigm based on direct democracy and individual empowerment Developing technologies that enable social coordination

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