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The podcasts that got me into bitcoin

Published on June 26th, 2017 by john

Before there was Let's Talk Bitcoin, there was Agorist Radio....

A long time ago, I was browsing around the anarchist parts of the internet and stumbled upon a website called The site was home to several podcasts with titles such as "Cypherpunkd", "The Agorist Social Club", "Coinbase", and "Reality Exploit Roundtable". Each podcast was hosted by Hiro White, the admin of the Agorist Radio website, with a slew of different guests and co-hosts including Indee, Plato, Smuggler, Voodoo, and Wiseguy. The topics they covered included 3D printing, cryptography, darknets, drones, surveillance technology, Temporary Autonomous Zones, and digital cash systems such as Loom, OpenTransctions, and bitcoin - among many other interesting topics. 

Prior to listening to these podcasts, I had only heard of bitcoin in passing and never looked into it at all. After a month or two of binging on these podcasts, I was completely sold on bitcoin. The podcasts gave me more than enough information to pique my interest, and further exploration on the bitcoin wiki led me deep down a rabbit hole that I have yet to emerge from.

By blind luck and sheer coincidence, since first discovering Agorist Radio I have had the pleasure of meeting all of the hosts of Agorist Radio podcasts in person except Plato (who I believe is still around in the online bitcoin communities) and Smuggler (who I hear is going to be speaking at the Hackers Congress in Prague this October, so there might still be a chance!). They are all super smart, super nice guys to whom I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude for producing these great podcasts and turning me on to bitcoin.

Without further adieu, please enjoy my collection of the complete* Agorist Radio catalogue:

Listen closely - you might just recognize a familiar voice on a few of them ;)

* I believe I have every episode of every Agorist Radio podcast ever published online, but if I'm missing any and you have a copy, please let me know so I can make a copy and add it to the collection!

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