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A Message to The Bitcoin Foundation

Published on January 3rd, 2016 by johnbarrett

In this sermon the right Reverend Johnny preaches about the evils that exist in todays world and about the path that we must follow if we hope to find redemption.

A good life is not about fame and fortune and it's not about wielding power or controlling others. We must have the strength of character to fight the good fight and to fight as Peaceful Warriors against hierarchical structures that shroud themselves in opacity and persuade people to tithe.

Life should be about putting your love of each other ABOVE your love of money, fame and fortune. It's about integrity and transparency and having the courage and fortitude to take a personal pilgrimage - to journey away from closed systems and to realize that open source = open hearts.

Closed source systems and softwares are simply synonymous with Satan.

John 1:1:16

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