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Mind to Matter!

Adam B. Levine creates music under the name Mind to Matter. On this blog you'll find preview versions of all songs available for sale in DRM free digital download format. If you have certain MTM tokens you'll find much more.

  • Holding 1 MTMCOLLECTOR token grants you access to the MTM Music Archive where you can stream all released MTM songs, alternative versions and remixes. MTMCOLLECTOR can also be redeemed for a one-time DRM free download of the current MTM Music Archive (not yet available)
  • Holding 1 MTMPRODUCER token grants you access to early versions of all songs, before they're released for sale or to the public. Some songs and versions will only be accessible to Producers because for whatever reason they aren't released. Producers also have access to the MTM Music Archive as well as the Producer Release Archive where they can find all early release songs.
  • You can purchase MTMSONG or MTMALBUM tokens in bulk to achieve up to a 50% discount off retail price, MTMSONG can be redeemed for a 1 time DRM free download of a song, and MTMALBUM can be redeemed for 2 EP's or 1 full length album download.