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    'Real Big Data: How to Leverage Bitcoin Blockchains for Unlimited Storage,' by Shankar Narayanan

    November 22nd, 2015 by sgsshankar

    Bitcoin has evolved so much as a currency, considering its volatile nature. Amazon, Target, Namecheap, and Dell accept Bitcoins as payment. Bitcoin is evolving beyond its value as an e-currency and its ability for instant transfer. The technology and mathematical concepts around it make it an interesting application for common everyday problems such as storing big data.

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    EverdreamSoft Could Be the King of Crypto Gaming

    November 21st, 2015 by OurEverydayEarth
    As a crypto enthusiast and amateur investor, I spend a lot of time wondering what factors will drive adoption of various cryptocurrencies and assets. A recent news article caught my attention. Game developer, King, was recently purchased by Activision Blizzard, Inc. for a tidy sum of [US$5.9 billion](http://techcrunch.com/2015/11/02/activision-blizzard-acquires-candy-crush-maker-king-digital-entertainment-for-5-9-billion/#.rwvh5gm:m6vZ)! Could it be a matter of time for EverdreamSoft? Read More
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    Strange Democracy, by Andy Tudhope

    November 19th, 2015 by cryptowanderer
    I recently had a conversation with a friend who runs a leadership programme for high school kids. Suffering from generational dissonance, this friend asked me what my thoughts on leadership for the modern age were and what the most important things to teach leaders of the future might be. How could they instill, he asked, ideas like integrity, ethics, and a strong sense of community when the examples we youngsters have before us are almost to a man corrupt, inefficient, and out of touch with ... Read More
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    Charles Hoskinson: A Brief Introduction to Smart Contracts

    October 20th, 2015 by charleshoskinson
    Charles Hoskinson provides a succinct overview of smart contracts from the perspective of a Bitcoin transaction. He categorizes them into two broad groups: deterministic and non-deterministic, and then provides some canonical examples to further explain the concepts. He concludes with some additional resources for learning more about the topic and writing your own smart contracts using Solidity. ####Resources * http://nakamotoinstitute.org/formalizing-securing-relationships/ * https:/... Read More
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    Confessions of an /r/bitcoin moderator

    August 19th, 2015 by jratcliff63367
    ##It's Not What You Think I apologize for the title of this article because it is pure unadulterated click-bait. You started reading this because you thought you were going to to hear the **dirty details** of the inner sanctum of the bitcoin moderators; a **secret cabal** of initiates who conduct **ceremonies** and **rituals** under the cover of darkness to **control** the bitcoin community. Sadly, that is **not** the case. The vast bulk of our time and energy is devoted to removi... Read More
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    Erik Voorhees: My End Goal for Bitcoin Is the Complete Abandonment of Fiat Currency

    August 19th, 2015 by kyletorpey

    Shapeshift.io CEO Erik Voorhees participated in a fireside chat with Decentralized Applications Fund Managing Director David Johnston at the Texas Bitcoin Conference in late March. During this conversation, Voorhees revealed his overall goal for Bitcoin’s eventual level of success. Some say that Bitcoin only needs to keep existing on a daily basis for it to succeed over the long term, but Voorhees has larger ambitions for the digital money.

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    'Money Is Now an Image'

    August 18th, 2015 by TravisPatron
    *Travis Patron is a digital money researcher and author of the [2015 Bitcoin Investor's Report](https://diginomics.com/bitcoin/investors-report/). Here he explains why the blockchain represents a snapshot of the bitcoin digital economy at any given point in time.* Over the course of the last several months, one of the most consistent debates in the circles of bitcoin enthusiasts has been whether a blockchain can function successfully without the "inconvenience" of its underlying cryptocurrency. Read More
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    The Power of Nothing

    July 29th, 2015 by cryptowanderer
    This is a post about bitcoin and the zero, the omphalos, the womb that contains us all, that begins us all and welcomes us back when we have lived through whatever heaven or hell we make of this one life we are given. Read More
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    The Decentralization Itch

    July 25th, 2015 by fergish
    *Decentralization.* The buzzword of our times. Increasing numbers and types of people are possessed of an elusive, but very real, visceral “itch” tied to the concept of decentralization. It’s hard to tell if the itch is caused by the concept or if the concept is simply being deployed in an effort to scratch the itch. It can have the appearance of both. “Decentralization, good; centralization, bad.” We see more and more sectors of society plugging this idea into their thoughts and... Read More
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    Peer to Peer Since the Beginning [Updated With Video]

    July 20th, 2015 by rockbarcellos
    Hello there! My name is [Rock Barcellos](https://letstalkbitcoin.com/profile/user/rockbarcellos). (It's my name, for real.) I'm an illustrator from Brazil and I have been participating here at Let's Talk Bitcoin! for a while, offering my services as an illustrator off and on. This post came from an idea I had, and I wanted to give it a shot and share it with everyone. Basically, in this piece, I wanted to think about the role and importance of the peer-to-peer concept throughout history, putt... Read More
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    Less Liberty, More Freedom

    July 19th, 2015 by cryptowanderer
    This post grows out of the comments and responses to [Let’s Talk Bitcoin #231 on Diversity and Consensus](https://letstalkbitcoin.com/blog/post/lets-talk-bitcoin-231-diversity-and-consensus). Check it out first, if only to hear two of the smoothest voices you’ll hear anywhere online. Read More
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    Leading Equity: Collective Intelligence in the Age of Collaboration

    July 3rd, 2015 by cryptowanderer
    Leadership in the Age of Distributed Collaborative Organisations (DCOs). Your idea needs to be tangible, credible, inclusive, and epic. Read More
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    New Bitcoin Documentary: 'Ulterior States'

    June 28th, 2015 by TomerKantor
    Producer Tomer "IamSatoshi" Kantor released his new Bitcoin documentary, *Ulterior States,* on June 27. He writes [on his website](http://www.iamsatoshi.com/): >Ulterior States, an IamSatoshi production, is an argumentative documentary project. The participatory development, production and post ‘guerilla-film-making-methods’, bounced between (non-academic) literature research, video interviews and studio sessions. This investigative process allowed having real-life conversations with with some thought leaders within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Read More
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    Brooklyn Graffiti Artist 'Gadse' and the Spread of Bitcoin

    June 25th, 2015 by kristovatlas
    *This article originally appeared on the blog of [Kristov Atlas](http://www.kristovatlas.com/brooklyn-graffiti-artist-gadse-and-bitcoin/).* If you’ve spent any time in Brooklyn, you’re probably familiar with the works of Gadse. A typical intersection in the Bushwick neighborhood displays his anti-totalitarian art. Read More
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    Launching XCPassets.org

    May 6th, 2015 by pooktwo
    After going through the forums for Counterparty, I noticed that there have been many requests for a website that displays all of the actively developed tokens for Counterparty. So I decided to build [XCPassets.org](https://xcpassets.org/). Read More
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    Ghana's Dream Bitcoin Foundation Envisions Tools to Empower Young Minds

    April 25th, 2015 by Drimin
    My Name is [Philip Agyei Asare](https://letstalkbitcoin.com/profile/user/drimin). I am the founding president of Dream Bitcoin Foundation (DBF), a nonprofit organization that aims to empower young entrepreneurs in Ghana through education about entrepreneurship and cryptocurrencies. DBF's founders aim to stand on the leading edge of the liberty to which they are dedicated – for themselves and all of their fellow humans. We have developed a plan to bring about such liberty. For this, for this we need an office space to help us toward our goal of becoming a self-funding enterprise. Read More
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    A Lighthouse at the End of the Tunnel

    April 8th, 2015 by OurEverydayEarth
    I first learned about Mike Hearn's wonderful [Lighthouse](https://www.vinumeris.com/lighthouse) fundraising platform last year and proceeded to download it from his [GitHub](https://github.com/vinumeris/lighthouse) page and get the client running on my Ubuntu install without too much hassle. Now there's an easier way: [Lightlist](http://www.lightlist.io/faq/). Read More
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    The Story of Chero from Sierra Leone: Interview with dmnyc, Part 2

    March 18th, 2015 by cherapple
    In part one, I interviewed [Daniel Modell](https://letstalkbitcoin.com/profile/user/dmnyc) (dmnyc) about the [ChangeCup](https://twitter.com/ChangeCupNYC) project he started, using [ChangeTip](https://www.changetip.com/) and Bitcoin to buy coffee and food for the homeless during the cold winter in NYC. When I asked him whether he had anything else he wanted to share during the interview, he said he has been corresponding with a young man named Chero. Read More
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    Victoria Van Eyk Interviews Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin for the Other 6.5 Billion (Audio)

    March 14th, 2015 by OurEverydayEarth
    In April 2014, [Victoria van Eyk](https://twitter.com/victoriavaneyk) of ChangeTip had the pleasure of sitting down with Bitcoin thought leader [Andreas Antonopoulos](https://twitter.com/aantonop) to ask in-depth questions about the industry. The following is a recorded interview that explores how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can actually change the world for the other 6.5 billion. (Warning: Contains strong language in the later stages of the interview.) Read More
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    An Alternate Reality for LTBcoin

    March 13th, 2015 by john
    Recently on my LTB network podcast, P2P Connects Us, Matthew Deiters joined the show to talk about his company, Assembly. Assembly is a collaboration platform for open source software projects with a twist: contributors actually get paid if the project is successful in the market. The way it works is that someone with an idea for an app creates a project on Assembly and is issued an initial sum of “Assembly coins.” At the time that they are issued, the coins aren't worth anything... Read More

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