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Bitcoins and Gravy #2 - Colored Coins

Published on February 7th, 2014 by johnbarrett

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Today is February 6, 2014 – Welcome to episode 2 of Bitcoins and Gravy, a weekly show about anything and everything having to do with Bitcoins. We are John Barrett and Lij Shaw – two Bitcoin enthusiasts who love talking about Bitcoin and sharing what we learn with you the listener.  In today’s episode we talk with Jimmy Song, one of the developers of Colored Coins.We also head over to the 2nd Nashville Bitcoin Meetup where Lij interviews Bill Butler of Music City Bitcoins.com. Bill talks to us about ProtoShares, Bitcoin Tourism and how to prove you exist using the Blockchain! And finally, Lij catches up with John and Connie who get fancied up for an evening out at Flyte – Nashville’s first restaurant to accept bitcoin payments and according to owner, Scott Sears, the first fine dining restaurant in the country to accept bitcoins. CREDITS: All spots edited and produced by Elijah “Lij” Shaw at The Toy Box Studio in East Nashville, Tennessee with the help of Bones, Lefty, Catfish, Cameron, Dennon and JB. Theme song “Gravy” by the band, Eleanor Roosevelt with Lij on fiddle. Harmonica tracks provided by Billy O. Longstreet. Questions or Comments? Email: [email protected] General Support Addresses:
Recorded and Produced by 'Lij Shaw and John Barret  

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