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Bitcoin Packaging

Published on April 29th, 2014 by Submissions

By Steven Levine

On April 25, 2013 the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! bi-weekly podcast was born.

Cutting edge interviews produced by Adam B. Levine and the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! team have focused on Bitcoin, Alt-Currency and the future of money.   Over the course of a very eventful year,  the movers and shakers in the burgeoning Bitcoin Eco-System have informed thousands of interested  listeners.

We celebrate a year that included success and failure, genius and stupidity and acceptance and dismissal. We thank Stephanie Murphy, Andreas Antonopoulis  and all the podcasters,  guests, collaborators and contributors who have made Let’s Talk Bitcoin a success.  A well rounded year for sure.

For our supporters, we now want to offer the next level of Bitcoin acceptance. We want to make a place for Bitcoin Owners to spend their hard earned Crypto Wealth,  so we have  started a store.

Whether you are shopping for your individual or family’s use, your online or bricks and mortar store, or your local school district, Bitcoin Packaging can provide all your Compostable and Sustainable Foodservice Packaging needs, and more.  I mean plates made of wheat straw, forks made of starch and talcum and cups made of feed corn.

Building a Bitcoin business?  Custom printed packaging can help.  Planning a conference or event and have Zero Waste as a goal?  We can help with that, too.

So as you party down at the latest rise in the value of your investments, don’t forget your choices are important. Please choose to purchase with your bitcoins. Please choose to use alternative products that will compost in 180 days, more or less. I get a really good feeing when I spend bitcoins. That is because it is easy to do, doesn’t require a bank to instill trust and the action will be recorded forever in the reliable blockchain.

Please go to our store. The address is bitcoinpackaging.com. Your comments will help to guide us. We need to know what you want us to carry. We can supply all kinds of shipping boxes, sealing tape, boxes, bags and carriers. With over 40 years in product distribution we know how to sell everything. Our prices are very competitive and we will give you a 10% rebate if you pay in Bitcoin.

In the coming weeks the LTB Network will have many announcements of expansion and improvement. Our revised LTB website will allow us to open new blog channels, decentralized for every interest that meets our professional standards. We will unleash the power of LTB Coin in the hopes of creating a system where content producers and enablers are compensated for the work they do.  Today we join the power of the Bitcoin and Consumer Preference to make a statement by purchasing mundane products with Bitcoin.

My name is Steven Levine and I approve this message. bitcoinpackaging.com

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