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Bitcoin Foundation Candidate Debate

Published on August 31st, 2013 by adam

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Founded last year, The Bitcoin Foundation has in its brief tenure organized the largest and arguably most influential Conference to date, issued a number of responses to legal challenges, and pro-actively engaged with regulators and legislators in an effort to close the knowledge gap, and impart a more nuanced understanding of the network.

September of 2013 sees the first new seats added to the Foundations board, one with candidates chosen from the Individual Membership and the other from the Industry membership. With increased attention from governmental bodies all over the world, a growing userbase and change on the horizon, whoever wins the seats will help influence the direction of the foundation, and represent the interests of the community.   It is an important role.

Todays debate is comprised of eight total segments, with questions crowdsourced from the Foundations Members and the Bitcoin Subreddit.  I will ask a question, and candidates will have 90 seconds maximum to answer when prompted.  As this is a role that will likely involve publicly representing Bitcoin, answers were not edited as we usually do for Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

Of the 14 Candidates running for the individual seat, 11 will join  us today.  Ben Davenport lost his voice at a very inconvenient time and was not able to participate, you can find his written responses in the accompanying transcripts courtesy of Bitcoin Magazine.   Edward Clements and Pedro Fernandes were not able to schedule with us in the allotted time.

Elizabeth T. Ploshay [soundcloud id='108208256'] Edward Clements Duncan Goldie-Scot [soundcloud id='108206660'] Nilam Doctor [soundcloud id='108208922'] Christian Kammler [soundcloud id='108205249'] Ben Davenport Trace Mayer [soundcloud id='108209362'] Luke Dashjr [soundcloud id='108208401'] Dmitry Murashchik [soundcloud id='108206057'] Aaron Lasher [soundcloud id='108204642'] Noah Silverman [soundcloud id='108208843'] Pedro Fernandes Ryan Deming [soundcloud id='108209208'] Joerg Platzer [soundcloud id='108208239'] As a member of the foundation Personally,I decided to donate my time to organize and create this debate because I wanted to learn more about the individual candidates and what they truly believe about some of the more pivotal issues in our near future.  Having spoken with 11 of the 14 candidates running I just want to express my gratitude to everyone running.  The perspectives, experiences and skillsets each candidate brings to the table is formidable and extremely impressive.  The diversity of opinions and approaches mirrors the broader community, and I want to congratulate both the individuals and the foundation as a whole for fielding such an impressive array of candidates for just a single seat.

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