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LTB Network Advertising Policy

The LTB Network does not allow paid written or audio mentions of companies or associations dealing in or discussing:

  • Sexual content or products
  • Weapons
  • Anything illegal under California state or U.S. federal law
  • Any businesses from foreign countries we are prohibited from doing business with by the U.S. government
  • Drugs or pharmaceuticals (legal or not)
  • Investment funds
  • Financial instruments
  • Ponzi schemes and anything that can be categorized as a likely scam
  • Cloud mining
  • Physical pre-order products (i.e. mining hardware, hardware wallets, etc.)
  • Gambling of any sort

The LTB Network reserves the right to expand the banned list at any time without notice. The LTB Network and the involved Content Creators solely and individually decide whether or not a company or business has violated their respective rules. These decisions are final.

The Fine Print

You agree to Binding Arbitration for ALL disputes related to the LTB Network and the Content Creator involved. Blogging and Podcasting is a daily game and sometimes things go wrong. Of course, the LTB Network and the Content Creators want to support Sponsors and we do our best to meet expectations. But sometimes schedules can slip and feelings can be hurt as a result. As Content Creators, our time is best spent outside of the courtroom. Therefore, as a Sponsor you agree to first mediate all disputes with the LTB Network and/or the Content Creator.

The mediator will be provided by the LTB Network and the disputing parties will split the cost evenly. If no resolution is found then the Sponsor agrees binding arbitration for all remaining issues or claims. Binding arbitration will be conducted in accordance with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) rules and standards, take place in California (though a virtual appearance will be acceptable). Three arbitrators will be selected, one by each party the third by the chosen arbitrators. The arbitrators will apply California procedural and substantive law when the AAA rules are unclear or inapplicable.