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About Us

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network (LTBN) is a publishing platform giving voice to the influencers in cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology sector — through podcasts, articles and discussion forums.

The LTBN grew from its eponymous podcast, started by Adam B. Levine, a bitcion enthusiast and early evangelist. After seeing the show and its listenership grow, Levine wanted to reach a larger audience and showcase additional perspectives in the space, so he launched the LTBN. Since its inception, the network has been devoted to experimentation in this cutting-edge industry, giving hosts the freedom to choose topics and guests that help define the narrative and promise of emerging decentralized technologies.


Spring 2013 - The Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast is launched.

Winter 2014 - The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network is created to incorporate new podcasts covering more topics in the space.

Winter 2017 - The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network is acquired by BTC Inc.