E63 – Money of the Internet Age

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Shownotes for Episode 63 – Money of the Internet Age


I’m joined by Jeffrey Tucker to talk the future of cryptocurrency, the irony of Bitcoins biggest detractors and, as always, much much more.


Then, ever want to know how a Bitcoin Millionaire thinks? David Menes performs “Beggers Can be Choosers” by the Bitcoin Monger for a peek into one such individuals mindset.


And finally, with the Bitcoin difficulty skyrocketing… But not as much as the price, Stephanie Catches up with Joe – A newly minted ASIC miner with a lot to say about rolling the dice on buying Equiptment and just how important the price is.


  • The Future of Money with Jeffrey Tucker was produced by Adam B. Levine, Edited by Matthew Zipkin and Featured Jeffrey Tucker and Adam B. Levine
  • Beggars Can Be Choosers was Written by The Bitcoin Monger, Produced and Edited by Adam B. Levine and featured David Menes
  • Joe the Miner was produced by Stephanie Murphy, Edited by Adam B. Levine and featured Joe the Miner and Stephanie Murphy
  • Music was provided by Jared Rubens

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By Adam B. Levine
Adam B. Levine

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  • gestet

    When I listen to these LTB episodes I need to sit back & listen & concentrate at the same time compared to other podcasts/shows where I can multi-task doing other reading at the same time. Always new interesting content here. Kudos to LTB for being the superior/premier podcast out of many to choose from. Keep up the great work guys & Stephanie! :)

  • http://raszl.com/ iraszl

    Good work! Thanks.

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  • GREE:D

    Strange to hear people say cheap whatever coin and quote a price N x higher than what you paid.

  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

    It’s all relative. Price is very personal

  • Brian Hoffman

    Great show!

  • Andreas Skoglund

    Great show. Keep it up!