E61 – LTB for New Users!

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Shownotes for Episode 61 – Let’s Talk Bitcoin for New Users

Long promised, much anticipated, wistfully let out the door and featuring a guest performance by Zhou Tongued, I’m really pleased to share the Lets Talk Bitcoin for New Users episode.

I totally get this guy now.

Stephanie and I joined forces for an hour long conversation covering the nuts and bolts in an easily understandable way. Our aim here is to create a show that can be shared with friends and family who might want very much to learn about Bitcoin but don’t even know where to start.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover, but there really is one question that stands above all the rest – What is Bitcoin?


The New User Show was produced by Adam B. Levine and edited by Matthew Zipkin. It featured Stephanie Murphy and Adam B. Levine

What is Bitcoin performed and provided by Vooza and although quite funny, is quite wrong.

Music was provided by Jared Rubens and Zhou Tongued. What did you think of Zhou Tongued? I’ve got several other Bitcoin related parodies that I think are quite good but I’m not sure if they’re appropriate for the show.

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By Adam B. Levine
Adam B. Levine

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  • Limee

    Really like the show. I have little problem with the arguments of the type that you don’t need pay/get paid so much in bitcoin because the value is going up. The future expectations should already be priced in the current market price (guess we bitcoin fans still think it’s undervalued so we can make the argument :)). Does this make sense?

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  • GREE:D

    Why are there no bitcoin toys? I’m thinking of editable Bitcoins made of ironed skittles that are wrapped in cheesy orange foil. don’t forget about oversized plastic Bitcoin necklace chains, for the inspiring cointhugs.

  • cephalon

    Yeah, ok… After listening to this it is pretty obvious that it is yet too complicated for just anyone to get into. Good luck explaining Bitcoins to my Mom for instance… Hope it will become simpler in the future.

  • Let’s Talk Bitcoin!

    It’s a work in progress ;) In this show we tried to explain what Bitcoin is, why you’d want to use it and how it works. The How it Works part is the part everyone gets caught up on, and the “Why you’d want to use it” is more relevant to certain types of people rather than everybody generally.